The Importance of Proper Heating and Cooling for Your Health

Do you remember learning what homeostasis is during high school biology class? Simply put, homeostasis is the maintenance of a stable internal environment within an organism. It’s a vital aspect to a healthy life. Since our bodies generate their own heat, being in a hot room can result in an excess amount of heat for our bodies to handle. When this happens, we need to find a balance between heating and cooling.

Although our bodies are equipped with systems to regulate our own heating and cooling, there are other ways to help regulate our body temperature. Investing in air conditioning is one way of making sure your body temperature stays stable and comfortable. Here are three benefits to using an AC unit, and how it can be good for your body:

It Keeps Your Body Temperature Stable

Throughout the changes of seasons and different times of day, it’s important to try to maintain a stable body temperature. Even though you may not be taking your temperature at all hours of the day, you can tell the difference between how your body feels when you’re cold, and when you feel like you have a fever. The healthy human body rests at a toasty 37°C. Sudden shifts in temperatures can create discomfort or even lead to getting sick. Avoid sudden shifts in temperatures by setting your system between 21°C and 25°C for optimum comfort.

It Reduces Excessive Sweating

When the temperature of your home is at a comfortable, stable level, it helps you reduce excessive sweating. Sweating too much leads to dehydration, which can affect your health and your ability to perform physical and intellectual tasks. A good air conditioner will be well worth the investment as you stay cool in those hot summer months.

Keep the Moisture Away

The changes in temperature that come from not having proper heating and cooling in your home can often create moisture. This can lead to mould growth, which in turn leads to respiratory infections and other illnesses. The good thing about contemporary air conditioning systems is that they absorb moisture, dehumidifying the air as they cool it. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids because even though air conditioning may reduce excessive sweating, dehumidifying the air means that there is dehydration to keep in mind.

As a final note, it’s important to remember that your air conditioning unit uses recycled air when heating and cooling your home. It’s a good idea every once in a while to turn it off, open some windows, and let your home circulate some fresh air into the mix!