Your Commercial HVAC Specialists on the Coolest AC Units Around

Your home desperately needs some AC, but you just don’t have the infrastructure for a central air system, and those dinky little window units aren’t getting the job done. A ductless air conditioner is the solution you need—but don’t assume for a second that it’s just simply a consolation prize model for those without the ductwork to support a more traditional system. In fact, ductless or “split” models come with a few unique benefits of their own.

Simple Installation

A commercial HVAC contractor could take up to a week to install central air, even with the proper ducts. A single split unit could be installed in a day, since all it needs is a small hole to the outside of the house. Even if you install multiple units, this is still a simpler and quicker installation—important when that hot weather comes on unexpectedly and gets hotter by the day.

The Power of Control

For a small home, a single ductless air conditioner can do the job. But for larger homes, you can install multiple units. This is actually a benefit too! With multiple units comes the ability to regulate the temperature individually for each room. Do you need a little more cool air in the living room than the basement? Make it happen. Is an area of the house not in use right now? Don’t waste money and energy supplying air to it. This can help you save money on your energy bill, make your home more energy efficient, and customize your comfort—all impossible with central air.


Summer may be here now, but to quote a popular fantasy TV show that your kids aren’t allowed to watch, “Winter is coming.” And with it comes the cold air—but you’re prepared. Most commercial HVAC retailers will install models that have a heat pump as well as a refrigerant. This means a single ductless unit has the flexibility to cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter, all with the previously mentioned convenience of room-by-room control.

Added Conveniences

A ductless system is starting to sound pretty ideal, but it doesn’t end there. Ask your commercial HVAC dealer about remote-controlled models. Imagine the additional convenience of being able to change the level of warm or cool air being circulated through your home without getting up from your sofa, bed, or desk? And to boot, split air conditioners generally run very quietly, with little more than a low hum that can be drowned out easily, or left alone for those who like a little gentle white noise.

If you don’t have the ducts for central air, you’ve got nothing to worry about. A ductless air conditioner will bring comfort, convenience, and savings to your home.