Commercial HVAC Specialists Tell You What You Need to Know About the Switch.

So, you weighed the pros and cons of installing a tankless water heater and you decided that tankless is the way to go for your home. You are ready for an endless supply of hot water that benefits your whole family as they shower, bath, do dishes and laundry – maybe even all at the same time! You won’t need to worry about planning out water usage anymore, but you wonder what you need to know about making the switch. Your commercial HVAC professionals are here to put your mind at ease with a few points to consider when choosing your new tankless system.

Squeeze into the Right Size

Making the switch to a tankless water heater automatically frees up space by removing the sheer size of your standard water tank. However, size still matters. Tankless units can come in room or home sizes depending on your usage. Be sure to calculate the number of fixtures and appliances in your home to determine the best size heater for your needs.

Be in the Know About Flow

Just like knowing the right size for your needs, your commercial HVAC specialists recommend knowing about your flow needs. If you expect to run various fixtures and appliances at the same time you should account for a higher gallons-per-minute rate. Likewise, understanding the flow needs of different rooms or fixtures compared to others will keep your home flush with the hot water you crave.

Fuel for Thought

When it comes to fuel, your options fall on electric or gas models. If you are going electric you will want to keep voltage and amperage needs in mind, while venting needs will be necessary for gas. Although this is a limited set of options for fueling your heater, there are also possibilities to use solar energy sources that will lower your monthly bill and help the environment. Also look for ENERGY STAR® certified heaters for an efficient model that will reduce your monthly energy bill.

Understand Payoff vs. Start Up Cost

It is true that switching to a tankless water heater costs more upfront than installing a traditional tank heater. Some gas units can start at around $1000 and go up from there. However, keep in mind that your new heater will save you money over time as they are more efficient than tank heaters that constantly reheat unused water, therefore wasting energy and your money.

Keep these tips in mind when you talk with your trusted commercial HVAC professional. Together you will choose the best system for all your hot water needs.