Many contractors claim to provide quality HVAC systems and installation, yet, according to studies, almost half of all Ottawa HVAC equipment, including heat pumps, don’t perform the way they’re supposed to. These inefficiencies are often due to improper installation, and as a homeowner, you’re stuck paying obscene operating costs, and in the end, your heat pump and cooling equipment might require premature repairs –or worse, break down altogether. Unfortunately, unless you are one of Ottawa’s HVAC professionals, it can be difficult to spot a good installation from a poor one.

Before signing a contract with any Ottawa HVAC contractor, it’s in your best interest to obtain multiple job quotes. It’s important to compare apples to apples by evaluating each potential contractor’s ability to produce a quality installation. Don’t be afraid to give your potential Ottawa HVAC contractor a pop quiz; start by asking the following questions:

1. Are you fully licensed and insured?

This question is crucial, and one that you must be sure to ask. If the contractor fulfills all licensing requirements, the chances are, you’re in good hands. However, don’t just rely on their word, ask to see a physical copy of his or her insurance papers and license. If they fail to produce these papers, it’s a tell-tale sign that this contractor is not one you should do business with.

2. How will you size the equipment for my home?

Unfortunately, many contractors fail to use proper methods to size heat pump equipment for installation, and many will rely on an inaccurate “one size fits all” methodology. Having a bigger HVAC system isn’t necessarily better. In fact, heat pumps and cooling systems work at their best when each individual component is accurately sized. Oversized HVAC equipment will not only cost you more, it will lead to less desirable results and a shorter lifespan for the equipment. An experienced contractor should take accurate measurements to determine the most appropriate size for your heat pump or furnace.

3. Do you inspect for duct leakage prior to installation?

When your home has ducts with damaged connections it causes hot and cold air to seep through – leading to larger energy bills. Having your contractor seal your ducts before the HVAC installation will significantly improve your new HVAC system’s efficiency.

4. Do you evaluate air flow?

In order for your HVAC system to operate at its best, your contractor is required to ensure you have the appropriate volume of air flow. Having air flow that is too high or too low can cause extremes in temperature variance and can lead to expensive utility bills. A professional contractor will measure the air flow of your home and make any necessary adjustments needed for top performance.

5. Do you check refrigerant levels and charge levels?

An incorrectly charged HVAC system will offer less de-humidification and consume larger amounts of energy. Professional Ottawa HVAC contractors will take the time to test and make adjustments to refrigerant levels and charge them if need be.