When it comes to your home, the HVAC system is an important component that’s necessary for ensuring that you and your family can feel comfortable at home. It’s also a relatively expensive piece of equipment. That’s why it’s crucial to do what you can as a homeowner to keep important systems such as your HVAC working efficiently for as long as possible. When it’s time to hire a technician to perform those duties, you want to feel confident that they know what they’re doing, because one false move could cost you big time in the future.

Before you hire a contractor, always wait to make your final decision after you’ve asked your HVAC technician these five questions.

Are they certified and experienced?

First and foremost, are they qualified and certified to do a good job? Your HVAC system should never be something that’s left in the hands of your handy neighbour or your DIY-savvy cousin. It needs capable hands that are experienced and certified with formal training to handle the intricate nature of your system.

All HVAC contractors in Ontario by law must have a license and TSSA certificate. So always begin by determining their qualifications. If they’re not certified then continue your search.

Can they walk you through the necessary maintenance steps?

If they said that they are certified but you still feel a little unsure about their capability or experience, ask them about the maintenance steps that are necessary to perform each year. There are some things that can be performed yourself and some that require a contractor. Any knowledgeable and trained technician should be more that willing and able to discuss these important steps and the differences between what you can do and what you should never take upon yourself to do.

Can they recommend any products for your needs and budget?

As qualified and trained technicians, it’s important and necessary to also stay updated on the latest advancements in HVAC systems, and that includes high-performance products. Ask them about any advanced additions or alterations that could be implemented that will suit your needs and budget. Aside from experience and qualifications, you want someone who knows their stuff and won’t try to coerce you into purchasing something that is well beyond what you can afford.

What do they recommend when it comes to energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to household savings, so add this one to the list. There may be additions you can implement to reduce your energy usage and lower your bottom line each month. A good technician should be on top of the energy-efficient options.

What’s warranty or protection plan do they offer?

It’s important to be fully aware of any warranties or protection plans that are offered for both the parts and labour. Your HVAC is an expensive piece of equipment, and it’s also one that can usually last a long time, given the proper care. But if something does go wrong, it could set you back quite a bit without proper coverage. Optimal performance and service are what you need to feel confident for the future.

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