Have you been looking for a way to improve your energy efficiency and comfort level this winter? Then it may be time for a new radiant floor heating system. It will heat your home evenly, improve your air quality, and help you save money. If you’re not yet convinced, check out our five reasons why we love radiant floor heating in the winter.

No Radiators or Vents Needed

When winter hits, you need to keep your windows closed and your heat pumping. What you get in return is noisy radiators pushing dry air and dust-spewing vents that need constant cleaning. With radiant heating you can say goodbye to fumes and dust, as there is minimal air movement involved with the system, resulting in cleaner air and healthier air quality.

Even Heating with a radiant floor

Imagine not having to wear slippers all the time and being able to step out of a hot shower to touch warm flooring in the winter. In a radiant setup, the heat is supplied through hot-water tubes or electric wires that are underneath the flooring. As the thermal radiation rises up, it works to warm up everything in its path and in turn, warms more than just the air.

Efficient Energy Use

You can stay warm and cozy all winter long without excessive energy bills. Radiant flooring creates an efficient heating process throughout your entire home that maintains a constant temperature while reducing heat loss. This setup makes a radiant system up to 30 percent more efficient than forced-air heating, giving you optimal comfort – especially when it’s needed most.

Low Maintenance

Electric underfloor heating is essentially a zero-maintenance system, and a water-based radiant heating system will only require some minor care to ensure the system performs optimally over the long-term. Compared to radiators and furnace-based systems, radiant systems save you money in otherwise expensive upkeep costs and repairs needed to maintain peak performance during the winter.

Adds Value

More and more home buyers are looking for energy efficiency more than any other factor when purchasing a new home. They want lower utility bills, fewer upkeep costs, and a system that won’t fail them during a cold spell. Installing energy efficient radiant flooring instantly adds to the value of your home. The appeal of this modern technology will draw buyers in, and help you sell your home much faster.

Whether you’re looking to add an investment to your home, make your home more comfortable, or improve your energy efficiency, a radiant heating system is the answer. If you’re interested in adding a radiant heating system as part of your next reno, talk to us at Advanced HVAC. We’re here to help you with all your installation and maintenance needs.  Request a quote here.