Why an AC Inspection ?

Nothing is worse than having your air conditioning unit breaking during a heat wave. But you don’t have to get stuck in this unfortunate situation if you have your equipment routinely inspected by a licensed HVAC professional. If you’ve never had a proper AC inspection or it’s past the due date, read on as we provide six reasons to schedule an A/C inspection today.

It’s Stopped Making Cold Air

If you’re only feeling cool temperatures even when it’s on full power, it’s a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. The refrigerant levels may be too low to produce cold air – maybe the evaporator coil is clogged with dirt and debris or perhaps the compressor has given out. Whatever the reason, an inspection from a professional can help identify the source and get your air conditioner working again.

Air Flow Is Low

If the air flow has drastically reduced, you should have the unit looked at. Debris could be stuck in the vents, the filter could be clogged, or there could be a problem with the internal parts.

There is Leaking or Dripping Water

When there is water leaking around the unit you should be concerned. Most likely the catch basin or drain tube is clogged or broken. But if it’s a leaking refrigerant it can be dangerous to your health if not addressed. If cleaning out the basin doesn’t do the trick call for a service right away.

You Hear Odd Sounds

Last week your air conditioner was quiet as a mouse, and this week it’s rattling like a snake. Noises like squeaks, grinding or rattling indicate an internal problem. If you’re hearing strange sounds schedule for an A/C checkup.

There’s a Smell

If there’s a bad smell coming from your air conditioner as of lately, it could be a sign of mold or mildew building up in the filter or parts. And if you smell burning this could signal an issue with the wires and insulation, in this case, turn the machine off immediately and call for assistance.

You’ve Moved

When moving to a new home or rental unit, your unit may no longer be adequate to cool the new space. An improperly fitted A/C unit or a larger space may result in a reduction to your level of coolness. An HVAC professional can examine and provide recommendations.

Don’t get stuck in the heat, call Advanced HVAC today to do a thorough inspection of your home’s A/C system.