If you already have a HVAC system, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it from breaking down or being put under strain, as this will help guarantee a cool summer of efficient air conditioning and low energy bills.

In addition to your all-important yearly HVAC maintenance appointment with a professional (which Ottawans can book here), here is Advanced HVAC’s list of all the ways you can prepare your home and HVAC system for summer…

1. Remove obstructions from your vents

Clearing space beside your vents, both indoors and outdoors, is a must to ensure your air flow in and out is unrestricted and you are getting efficient air conditioning and consistent air quality. This job can be easy to overlook in the winter months as your hedging becomes overgrown, hiding your vents from view, but trimming down any obstructions will be a job worthwhile.

2. Check your energy efficiency rating

If your older HVAC system is running out of steam and costing more than it used to, you might consider upgrading your HVAC system to a more energy-efficient model, which will almost always guarantee cheaper and more efficient air conditioning throughout the home.

Look for the energy-efficiency rating on your old system, checking for the ENERGY STAR logo, or hire a HVAC maintenance contractor for an assessment; they can tell you how to get the most from your existing system or the best choices for an upgrade.

3. Reduce clutter

Believe it or not, the more clutter you have in your home, the harder your air conditioning system has to work in order to cool your home. Having a clean out before the hotter months – so that’s why people spring clean! – can not only help you save money but can also free up useful space in your home.

4. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are cheap to buy but can help you save a lot of money in energy bills, making sure your HVAC system is only on when it needs to be, working based on your schedule and cooling your home at exactly the right times. Clever, huh?

If you like the idea of a clever HVAC system that operates remotely, allowing you to turn it on from an external location, consider investing in a high-tech programmable thermostat, not only will you be the envy of your neighbors, you’ll also recoup your money on your energy bills.

5. Change your filters

While usually a monthly job anyway, you should remember to replace your HVAC system’s filters before the threat of any summer heatwaves. If you forget, this may lead to putting a strain on your system, forcing it to run inefficiently and harder to pump cool air into your home, perhaps even leading to a break down if your system is not properly maintained. Save yourself a stifling week of sweat and tears and change your filters today!

6. Seal up any drafts and leakages

To get efficient air conditioning and the best performance possible from your HVAC system, make sure any possible air drafts or leakages are found and fixed before you start relying your system during summer. Places such as windows and fireplaces should be given the once over, checking for air gaps with a candle or open flame, and sealed shut to stop your cold air leaking out when you need it most and making your system work overtime when it shouldn’t have to.

If you have a ducted HVAC system you should also be sure to check your ducts are sealed also. If your ducts are hard to get to, this could be a job for HVAC maintenance professionals, such as Advanced HVAC.

7. Clean your HVAC system thoroughly

Dust is to the HVAC system what kryptonite is to Superman, well, almost. Changing your filters monthly go some way to avoiding dust buildup but if you don’t also regularly your vents or your home, dust could be stopping efficient air flow in and out of your home and again putting a strain on your system! It’s never too late for that spring clean I mentioned earlier!

8. Make a HVAC maintenance appointment

To keep your HVAC system running smoothly, particular before the sticky summer months, remembering to make your annual HVAC maintenance appointment is vital!

A check-up of your HVAC system will ensure your system is working efficiently and properly, and, if not, your professional contractor can take steps to fix it before the problem worsens.
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