Air conditioner maintenance – Ask the Expert!

Can you smell it ? Can you feel it?

Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner. Here at Advanced HVAC in Ottawa, we had a great winter, and we hope you did to.

We thought we’d do something different this month and bring to you the many Q&A’s we receive daily at our office about everything heating, ventilation and air conditioning related. So here goes…

How Often Do You Need Furnace Maintenance or Air Conditioner Maintenance in Ottawa

hot day thermometer says hotOne question we often get at our office and as technicians is, “How often should a furnace and air conditioner be cleaned or maintained?”

And: “Is there a time of the year that is better to have this service done?

The answer is pretty straightforward.

Both furnaces and air conditioners require annual maintenance.

Annual A/C servicing and furnace maintenance are mandated by HVAC equipment manufacturers. In the case of furnaces, regular maintenance is mandated by TSSA and CSA as part of gas fired code.

As to when you should get your air conditioning serviced or have us come out for a Ottawa furnace maintenance visit, it’s not set in stone.

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There is no preferred time of the year to have a furnace maintenance done. Many of our homeowner & property manager clients like to book their Ottawa furnace tune-up in the fall, before winter starts, so October or November are typically the months when we do the most proactive service on furnaces in Ottawa.

A reasonably warm outdoor temperature is required for a proper A/C maintenance to be performed. This way, one of our friendly, experienced Ottawa HVAC techs can visit your home when the weather is warm enough to assess how well the air conditioning system is performing in cooling down your home.

Air conditioning in Ottawa is typically used during the months of May, June, July, August and some days into September, depending on the year and weather patterns.

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It’s preferable to book your Ottawa air conditioning service earlier in the season, so that you can be proactive and get out ahead of any potential issues with your home’s air conditioning system before the Ottawa summer heat and humidity really kick in.

We also offer annual maintenance & service plans for air conditioning service in Ottawa.

This includes a springtime visit to tune up the A/C system, clean it and assess any ongoing issues; as well as repairs that could arise during the summer months that require constant air conditioning in Ottawa.

Advanced HVAC’s annual A/C maintenance plan is a different plan from our annual furnace maintenance plan, which applies a similar approach for those Ottawa heating months (typically November-April, but of course knowing Ottawa weather this can vary year to year).

5 A/C Pro Tips Entering the Air Conditioner Season

These professional HVAC tips for air conditiner maintenance in Ottawa come from Troy H., the lead technician at Advanced HVAC. We hope you find these helpful so that you can continue to stay cool and comfortable at home.

1. Replace your furnace air filter

A clean air filter is crucial  to the operation of your air conditioner. A dirty air filter can lead to poor performance, freezing of the evaporator and premature failure of system components.

2. Make sure breaker is in the “on” position

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It happens every year, we go to service calls where the homeowner has forgotten that they shut off the breaker prior to the heating season.

3. Make sure your A/C cover is removed if you have one

While this sounds obvious, you’d be surprised at the calls we get.

4. Make sure your furnace switch remains in the “on” position

Often we have seen furnace switches in the “off” position, typically with newer homeowners not realizing the air conditioner requires the furnace to operate.

5. Have an annual A/C maintenance performed

At Advanced HVAC we thoroughly test the unit, including cleaning of the condenser, checking the air filter and  evaporator drain.

Contact us today to book your annual air conditioner maintenance in Ottawa.