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Do you need air conditioning repair? Are you worried about a refrigerant leak? Do you smell anything odd near the unit or is it making unusual sounds like banging or hissing?

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When you have a broken AC unit, you should call in the repair pros right away. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble with your air conditioning unit. Spot and solve the issue early, and it could save you from having to buy a new air conditioner.

When emergency repairs are required, it’s often not just a matter of comfort but of safety as well! Recent years have seen major heatwaves that can be harmful to people who can’t stay cool. That’s why we understand that it’s a matter of absolute urgency when any component of your HVAC system fails. Advanced HVAC guarantees that our technicians are available for emergency calls 24/7, 365 days a year, including all holidays, so whenever your air conditioner breaks, we can be there to get it up and running again.

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Advanced HVAC will inspect and repair your air conditioning system to ensure that it’s functioning safely and working like it should. Our highly qualified TSSA-licensed repair technicians will make your A/C system’s condensing unit, air handler, and ductwork work safely to keep your home temperate. If we find any issues with any part of your air conditioning system, our technicians will repair your A/C system quickly and effectively!

  • We repair AC systems from all major brands, including split systems, heat pumps, and central air conditioners
  • We have more than a century of combined experience in air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation services
  • Our expert technicians hold certificates in residential and commercial air condition, gas, and ventilation systems
  • Let Advanced HVAC take care of your air conditioner repair so you can get back to enjoy your home, no matter how hot it gets outside.
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Advanced HVAC is certified to work on all the top brands of air conditioners. If you can think of a brand of air conditioner, our air conditioning repair services can fix it! We can take care of central air conditioning systems and ventless air conditioner units in any kind of residence. We can handle any commercial HVAC repairs as well. You can see the most common brands of AC units that are covered in our air conditioning repair services below. If you are in need of air conditioner repair, regardless if you have one of these brands of AC units or not, contact Ottawa’s experts in air conditioning repair today and stop getting beat by the summer heat!



How much does AC repair cost?2022-04-08T10:59:26-04:00

The cost of AC repair done by a licensed professional will typically range anywhere from $150 – $500. Keep in mind that this average cost can differ significantly based on the amount of labour required, the warranty status, and what type of AC unit you’re working with. An air conditioning technician might also charge hourly, which will range between $75 – $150 an hour for the labour.

What are common air conditioning issues that require AC repair services?2022-04-08T11:07:49-04:00

Some common air conditioning issues that require the expertise of an AC technician include:

• Condensate Back-Ups
• Refrigerant Leak
• Dirty Evaporator
• Low Air-Flow
• Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

Even if you’re a regular handyman and know your way around some tools, we strongly advise leaving AC repair jobs to the professionals. This will help prevent any potential accidents and further damage to your air conditioning systems. Contact us for your AC repair needs in Ottawa!

Why isn’t my air conditioning working?2023-07-21T11:01:17-04:00

When it comes to A/C troubleshooting, the source(s) of trouble for your air conditioning system could be one or more of a number of factors. For starters, check your thermostat. It could be possible that the air conditioner itself is working fine but isn’t getting the right commands from the thermostat, which could either have low/dead batteries, not be properly programmed or be experiencing other issues. There are also disconnect switches for your A/C, both inside and outside, so make sure these are in the ‘ON’ position. The A/C could have overloaded or triggered the electrical system, resulting in a tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse or blown transformer. Or you may need to change your filter, clean your A/C coils, or repair the starting components or blower. The best way to find out is to contact Advanced HVAC for air conditioner repair in Ottawa. One of our friendly air conditioning repair techs will be onsite shortly and can diagnose & resolves virtually any A/C issue in a short period of time.

My air conditioner is running but the house (or office) isn’t cooling down correctly.2023-07-21T11:04:10-04:00

This is a fairly common air conditioning repair question that we get at Advanced HVAC in Ottawa. We’d be happy to send one of our A/C techs out to take a look. But before that, there are a few things that you can check on your own for A/C troubleshooting steps. Start at the thermostat, and make sure it’s on and running properly (batteries?). Check the fuse panel and breakers. If the air conditioner unit is running and the blower is on, the aforementioned issues probably can be ruled out. If you have cool air flowing out from the registers in the basement, for example, and the A/C unit is on, the source of your cold air is fine; from there, it’s a matter of airflow. You may have blocked or leaked ductwork somewhere along the line. Make sure vents are open on both the main floor and the upper floor(s). Also, be sure that you haven’t left a window or door open; which could be letting in warm and humid air. If you can trace the source to one room or one section of the house that is warm while the rest is cool, that’s probably where you have ducts that are blocked or leaking air. We can inspect your ducts and find the issue(s). Contact Advanced HVAC for prompt air conditioning and HVAC repair service in Ottawa.

Is it recommended to service my air conditioner every year?2023-07-21T11:07:40-04:00

Yes, we highly recommend an annual air conditioning service. This is good proactive maintenance for your A/C system. It keeps your air conditioner and A/C system (blower, thermostat, registers & returns) in good working order. Also, an annual A/C service helps you detect potential air conditioning issues now to avoid costly air conditioning repairs down the road. We offer an annual air conditioning maintenance plan that includes checking fans & motors, inspecting all safety & operational controls, testing the A/C unit by running a full air conditioning cycle, replacement parts, repairs and more. Contact Advanced HVAC to set up your annual air conditioner service in Ottawa.

How do I know that Advanced HVAC can be trusted to deliver quality air conditioning repairs?2023-07-21T11:08:57-04:00

Advanced HVAC is one of Ottawa’s leading and most trusted providers of HVAC services including air conditioning service, repair, installation, sales and more. One of our friendly, clean and uniformed air conditioner repair techs will visit your home, inspect the air conditioning system, asses the air conditioner and components, perform a tune-up, and advise should any air conditioning repair or added maintenance be necessary or recommended at that time. We are proud of the repeat business, word of mouth and great reviews we’ve earned for our Ottawa air conditioning services. We also have an A+ BBB rating and Advanced HVAC features over a century of combined experience in A/C repair, service and installation. Our air conditioning techs are certified in a variety of air conditioning services for residential & commercial A/C and are familiar with a wide range of air conditioning brands. Our goal is to keep you and your family or staff comfortable with continuous air conditioning reliability.

Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?2023-07-21T11:10:37-04:00

This is a question well worth asking when your current air conditioner unit is at or near the end of its A/C product life cycle. Typically, that’s about 10-15 years. If you have a relatively new air conditioner, you’ll want to (a) perform routine and proactive A/C maintenance to get the most out of it and (b) perform air conditioner repair as needed; since the expected lifetime most likely makes buying a new air conditioner unnecessary (our friendly & experienced Advanced HVAC tech will let you know more about this). If you own an older air conditioner unit, it’s worth calculating how many cooling seasons you’ll get out of it by repairing it now (or again) versus buying a new air conditioner unit. We’ll do our best to keep your air conditioner running at its peak and save you money wherever possible. Should it be in your best interest to skip A/C repairs this time and buy a new air conditioner instead, we’ll make that recommendation. At Advanced HVAC in Ottawa, our goal is to be your long-term partner in HVAC service.




With 100+ years of combined experience, Advanced HVAC provides fast and efficient 24-hour emergency HVAC services in Ottawa, 365 days a year. A friendly & highly competent Advanced HVAC technician is always ready to assist you.

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