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Ottawa Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is becoming necessary for Ottawa’s hot, humid summers. Get cool air from Advanced HVAC, your Ottawa air conditioning experts!

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Ottawa Air Conditioning & HVAC Experts


Looking for help with your Ottawa air conditioning needs? We provide air conditioners that are extremely efficient, cost-effective, and reliable at ensuring your home is at an enjoyable temperature and humidity level during our hot summers. When you purchase a superior air conditioning unit, like one from our signature Bryant brand, you can be assured you will be receiving the top value for your long-term investment.

We also install air conditioners of most any size or make, many ENERGYSTAR certified, which means they offer effective cooling and dehumidification at a low operating cost.

Why Central Air Is Superior


Do you currently have an Air Conditioning window unit? You know too well that these are inefficient & noisy. An energy-efficient central air conditioner works well because it uses your home’s ductwork to allocate the cool air evenly throughout each room.

  • You stay cool no matter which room you happen to be in
  • The Air Conditioning unit is also placed outside of your home, so you won’t hear it while you’re trying to enjoy quiet relaxing moments inside
  • When considering Ottawa’s hot and humid summer temperatures, getting a central air conditioner will transform your home from unbearably hot and sticky to creating a cool, relaxing indoor oasis!
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Energy Efficient & Reliable A/C Solutions


We understand that central air conditioning is a large investment for your home and the comfort of your family. That is why we at Advanced HVAC always aim to provide the most value to our customers. We only work with brands that offer the best combination of energy efficiency and cooling power in their central air conditioning units. If a unit is not ENERGYSTAR certified, we won’t recommend it. This way, you can keep more of your hard earned money for yourself instead of spending it on drastically higher energy bills. By combining our 100+ years of combined HVAC experience, we have narrowed our choice of brands to Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems and American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. With either of these brands, you can be sure that your home will be cooled efficiently with the smallest possible increase in energy consumption.



What are some tips you have for running my air conditioning system?2023-07-21T11:13:30-04:00

There are a number of ways in which you can maximize both your comfort and your savings by running your air conditioning properly. Using a programmable or smart thermostat is a good start this will help you reach and maintain your desired temperature of comfort when you need it. You can then keep your home a bit less cool at night or when you are out of the house. Some people ask whether they should close off vents in rooms that are not occupied. While this may seem like a good plan, in general, we advise against it for best airflow. You’ll want to clean and replace your air conditioner filters regularly. Many people also prefer to keep the blower ‘on’ the whole time, rather than on ‘auto,’ to provide a constant air flow and better filtration throughout the home (it may cost you a slightly higher hydro bill, but the comfort & benefits usually well outweigh the costs). However, if the outside humidity is higher, running the blower constantly may end up pumping more humidity through the system, so monitor and adjust as needed. Keep shades & blinds closed during the hours the sun will be hitting those windows, so that the house doesn’t begin to heat up and require the air conditioner to run more. We’ve mentioned it before, but proactive maintenance is also strongly advised. An annual air conditioning service will include a tune-up of the A/C system and will find potential issues that are best attended to now, rather than waiting for costlier air conditioning repair later.

When I buy a new air conditioner now, how long should I expect it to last?2023-07-21T11:15:35-04:00

The air conditioner product life cycle can vary somewhat by brand and specific model. In general, today’s air conditioning units can be expected to last between 10 and 15 years. When you speak with an air conditioning specialist from Advanced HVAC in Ottawa, we’ll let you know more about the specs of the A/C unit(s) you’re looking at and how long they are expected to last. When we speak of the expected lifetime of an air conditioner, we are assuming proper maintenance and upkeep. While reasonably minimal, there are a few things you can do to keep the A/C unit lasting longer: clean the coils, change the air conditioning filter and perform a yearly air conditioning tune-up and maintenance.

What’s the best brand of air conditioners?2020-05-15T13:23:52-04:00

There are a number of solid, reputable air conditioning brands on the market today. We are glad to install a wide variety of makes and models of air conditioning. We also are proud to sell Bryant air conditioning units. We offer Bryant to our customers because we’ve had great experiences with Bryant over the years, and we wouldn’t want to sell you an air conditioner that wasn’t superior in quality and that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’re a factory authorized Bryant A/C dealer and are very confident in the products and service from this great company.

What size air conditioner should I get for my home or business?2023-07-21T11:17:36-04:00

The size of your air conditioner unit is important, but so are efficiency and performance levels. Advanced HVAC in Ottawa can help you find the right size and configuration of air conditioner for your use and budgetary needs. One of our friendly & helpful A/C techs can visit your home or business to assess the size and layout of your home and to look at the existing ductwork and (if you already have one) current A/C unit. They wil then advise on recommendations for a new air conditioner that will serve you and your home or office/store/etc. well. The square footage of the building is one unit of measurement we look at. But there’s also the total length of the ductwork that the air will be flowing through. Also, we take into account how many floors are in the home or space being cooled, as well as the sun and/or shade conditions outside, etc. All of these combine to give us a good idea of the size of air conditioner unit you need as well as how well it should perform.

Do I need air conditioning in Ottawa?2020-05-15T13:25:57-04:00

As society becomes more modernized and we can appreciate the many comforts which we’ve earned, more and more people own and operate an air conditioning system in their Ottawa homes. Although Ottawa is (in)famous for its cold & harsh winters, in general what we have here is a semi-continental climate, complete with four distinct seasons. Ottawa summers can get plenty hot, with high humidity levels as well. The combination of heat and humidity throughout the late spring and summer months has many homeowners seeking the comfort that air conditioning provides. Today’s air conditioning systems are highly energy-efficient, providing cooling on-demand and keeping you and your family enjoying your home around the clock, throughout the summer. The air conditioner units we sell and install here at Advanced HVAC are among the best on the market but won’t set you back much financially. Also, with a programmable (or smart) thermostat you can control your desired temperatures and not over-cool when you are sleeping or not at home. Contact Advanced HVAC today to find out more and get a quote for an air conditioning system that will put you and your family in the cool comfort you deserve.

How can I increase the lifespan and efficiency of my AC unit?2022-04-08T17:32:12-04:00

Regular air conditioning maintenance is the key to make your AC unit last and for it to work efficiently. Also, on top of scheduling routine AC maintenance services, you can consider installing additional shutters, screens, and drapes around the house to decrease the need for your AC to work harder than it has to.

How often should I have maintenance done on my air conditioner?2023-07-21T10:58:43-04:00

You should consider getting air conditioning maintenance done on your AC system at least once a year. The best time of the year to check-up on your AC unit is in the late spring or early summer. With regular maintenance you can ensure that your air conditioning is working effectively and efficiently, and you can also catch potential issues sooner rather than later.




With 100+ years of combined experience, Advanced HVAC provides fast and efficient 24-hour emergency HVAC services in Ottawa, 365 days a year. A friendly & highly competent Advanced HVAC technician is always ready to assist you.

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