Constant Vigilance and Knowing When to Call HVAC Specialists in Ottawa Key to Longevity

Proving their longevity time and again, boilers are still the primary form of heating for many Canadian homes. But no system is immune to the occasional breakdown or malfunction, and it’s important to understand how regular maintenance, inspections, and more can prolong the life and functionality of your home’s heating system. Some types of maintenance can be done personally, while others will require the help of an experienced specialist in HVAC in Ottawa. Let’s take a look at some maintenance pointers, both general and specific:

General Boiler Maintenance

Making regular adjustments to the controls of your heating system is one of the simplest ways to ensure consistently optimal function. Based on changing conditions, you’ll want to make adjustments that will ensure you’re getting the correct amount of heat as efficiently as possible. While you’re making these adjustments, do a basic walk-around inspection of your system. Look at the venting chimney and all the attached pipes, making sure that each one is securely sealed. You should also check for leaks around your heat exchanger to make sure that it is functioning properly. Regularly cleaning the tank surface and the heat exchanger is also recommended.

The Threat of Carbon Monoxide

Any boiler system that uses a gas combustion chamber to create heat presents a threat for carbon monoxide leakage. The first thing you should do during every inspection is check the tank and combustion chamber for cracks. You can perform a carbon monoxide test, and call an Ottawa HVAC professional immediately if you detect an unsafe level.

Because prevention is the best defence and safety should always be your priority, you should invest in a carbon monoxide detector, and install it in the same room that your tank is housed in.

Strange Sounds

Banging pipes and loud noises are a common occurrence in hot-water systems that have been poorly maintained. One of the primary causes of this condition is limescale deposits in the tank and pipes. This is typically an issue for a professional to handle, and may mean having to shut the whole system down for several days while it’s chemically descaled and flushed clean for a sort of “hard reset.” It could also be a sign of frozen or sagging pipes, so if you find any problematic pipes, call an Ottawa HVAC specialist right away.

The best way to keep your boiler functioning its very best is by being vigilant at all times. Never let any problem go unattended, always perform regular checks and inspections, and know when to call a professional if something can’t be handled personally.