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When it comes to proper installation, maintenance, and repair of your boiler, you want to be sure to work with experienced HVAC professionals. Advanced HVAC is Ottawa’s leading boiler installation and servicing company, so you know the work is being done right. Contact us today.

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Got a Boiler System? We Do Boiler Repairs & Service in Ottawa!

Boilers are a proven and versatile way of heating homes in Ottawa, and are common in many older builds. Even though they are less common than they used to be, boilers can be more energy efficient than some standard forced air systems. Boiler systems use radiant heat to keep the heat in the lower sections of the room, where it is more beneficial to those inside. Regular boiler service and maintenance is essential to ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your boiler system. Don’t let an underperforming boiler leave you cold in the winter! Make sure your boiler system is regularly maintained and serviced.


Keep Your Boiler Working Hard In The Cold Winter Months

An inconvenient reality about boilers is that the majority of breakdowns occur during cold winter months when boilers which have been sitting inactive are put back to work. This can strain boiler systems, especially older ones, leading to problems which an HVAC pro will have to help you out. The most common boiler problems are:

  • No heat or hot water
  • Boiler dripping or leaking
  • Rumbling or rattling noises
  • Low Boiler Pressure
  • Frozen Condensate Pipes
  • Thermostat Issues

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your boiler, contact us today – we can help.

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Ottawa Boiler Installations

NTI – New York Thermal Boilers

Looking to get a great new energy efficient boiler for your home? Check out NTI, this Canadian Owned company offers a wide range of products to fit your needs. NTI’s thermal boilers have tons of features, such as:

  • Efficiencies of up to 98% ( AFUE )
  • Industry leading modulation
  • Wall mount saves you space and improves installation flexibility
  • Limited Warranty on Heat exchanger and parts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a combi boiler?2023-07-21T10:15:42-04:00

A Combi boiler, or combination boiler, is a high-efficiency boiler that doubles as a water heater. Combi boilers feature both the boiler and water heater in one compact unit. They heat the water directly from the mains when you turn on the tap, meaning you don’t need a hot water tank. Combi boilers are very cost-effective and energy-efficient options as they do not waste energy pre-heating and storing water. If you are interested in installing, purchasing, or servicing a combi boiler, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?2023-07-21T10:16:50-04:00

Most boiler manufacturers recommend that you get your boiler serviced at least once a year. Advanced HVAC can provide timely, reliable, and effective water boiler servicing to ensure your system leads a long and efficient life. Contact us today to schedule your annual boiler maintenance.

What effect does limescale have in boiler efficiency?2020-08-21T12:27:02-04:00

Limescale is a hard chalky deposit consisting mainly of calcium carbonate that often builds up wherever there is running water. While we are more used to limescale blocking the nozzles of our showers and tap, it has a very serious impact on your boiler’s efficiency. A limescale build-up of just one millimeter can increase fuel consumption by up to 2 percent. To prevent the buildup of limescale in your boiler, make sure you schedule regular maintenance with HVAC professionals.

I have a boiler and we’re not getting heat. What’s wrong?2020-08-21T12:31:34-04:00

The culprit for “no heat” from your boiler could be one or more of many factors. It could be a broken or faulty diaphragm or air lock. Perhaps one or more of the motorized valves is wonky or broken. There could be an issue with the thermostat. Low water levels are another issue for boiler heating systems, as a lack of water means the heat can’t be sent out to the radiators. Your best bet is to call on Advanced HVAC if you’re in or near Ottawa and have no heat. We can be out at your home or commercial property ASAP and will assess the situation to determine what’s causing your boiler heat to fail. Advanced HVAC’s friendly and knowledgeable tech teams can get your boiler heat system back up and running quickly so that you and your family or staff can stay warm and comfortable.

Should I get a boiler heating system?2020-03-11T13:25:05-04:00

Most people nowadays aren’t looking to buy into a boiler system. Newer buildings, especially homes, rely on furnaces and gas heating systems to keep everyone warm and comfortable in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario winters. Having said that, we do sell and service boilers. If you already have a boiler heating system and need new equipment, talk with Advanced HVAC so we can set you up with a new boiler or other parts. We also have skilled techs to perform repairs on your boiler in Ottawa and nearby communities.

I’ve heard about boilers. What exactly are they and what do they do?2020-03-11T13:24:32-04:00

Boiler heating systems are another form of an HVAC system designed to heat a building. Instead of forcing warm air through duct work – which is what a furnace does – boilers use water to distribute heat through a series of pipes and pumps. If you’ve seen a radiator in a house, school or office building, that was probably a boiler system (unless it was a space heater type of device). Radiators give off heat thanks to the hot water that’s inside of them. Cooler water is returned to the boiler to be reheated. Boilers can run on gas or heating oil as a fuel source to heat the water. Boiler equipment includes thermostats, aquastats, valves, radiators and more.




With 100+ years of combined experience, Advanced HVAC provides fast and efficient 24-hour emergency HVAC services in Ottawa, 365 days a year. A friendly & highly competent Advanced HVAC technician is always ready to assist you.

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