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10 11, 2020

5 Tips to Save Money on Home Heating Costs

2021-02-01T20:54:58-04:00November 10th, 2020|

Ottawa home heating bills tend to go through the roof in the harsh winter months. With average temperatures well below 0℃, there’s not much you can do but keep your home as warm as possible – regardless of the bill at the end of the month. However, there are a [...]

5 11, 2015

Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

2019-04-11T09:48:42-04:00November 5th, 2015|

Ottawa HVAC Specialists Discuss This All-Purpose Heating and Cooling Solution Ottawa HVAC companies can outfit your home with a number of different heating and cooling options: furnaces, boilers, radiant floor heating, air conditioners, and beyond. Most of these installations, however, serve a single purpose; they either heat, or they cool, [...]

17 06, 2015

The Pros of Heating and Cooling Maintenance

2019-04-11T10:00:22-04:00June 17th, 2015|

Whether It’s a Routine Inspection or a Replacement Heat Pump, Regular Maintenance Pays Off It’s likely that you don’t give your heating and cooling systems too much thought – until something goes wrong, that is. When it gets too hot outside we crank up the air conditioning and enjoy the [...]

20 05, 2015

5 Questions to Help you Find a Quality Ottawa HVAC Contractor

2021-06-10T14:00:32-04:00May 20th, 2015|

Many contractors claim to provide quality HVAC systems and installation, yet, according to studies, almost half of all Ottawa HVAC equipment, including heat pumps, don’t perform the way they’re supposed to. These inefficiencies are often due to improper installation, and as a homeowner, you’re stuck paying obscene operating costs, and [...]