Tired of Cold Feet? Commercial HVAC Contractors Are Here to Answer Your Prayers

Does this sound familiar? Your alarm wakes you promptly at 7:00 AM, and all warm in your woolly pyjamas and thick blankets, you forget for one blissful moment that summer is over and winter is coming—that is, until you rest your feet on the floor, and a chill shoots up your leg and you curse the cold as warmth slowly escapes your body through the floor. What if there was a way to say goodbye to the curse of cold floors for good? Well, there is: it’s called radiant floor heating, and it’s available from commercial HVAC contractors in new and old homes alike.

How It Works

For starters, a wood or tile floor is actually no colder than the rest of the room—it’s simply that the material it’s made of is a much more effective conduit for heat transfer, so you become colder more quickly when you touch it. Radiant heating systems take this, and use it to their advantage. By inserting flexible and durable piping underneath the floor, heated water is circulated under every square foot of your home. Unlike a traditional forced-air system, it doesn’t rely on air circulation to work, and therefore heats your whole home equally. Heat rises from the floor instead of from a vent, warming your body and making mornings a lot more comfortable!

Radiant heating can be used on its own, or in concert with other commercial HVAC services.

Benefits beyond Warm Feet

Keeping your toes nice and toasty may sound like all the benefits you could ever need—but the advantages to a radiant floor don’t end there. Many of these come down to energy efficiency, or doing more work while using less energy, lessening both your impact on the environment and the cost of your energy bill (we’ll let you decide which is more important to you!). For starters, the piping installed in your floors are able to retain more heat for longer than a forced-air system, meaning you can actually turn the heat off without losing any warmth, avoiding unnecessary energy usage. You’ll also lose less heat through doors, windows, and to high ceilings or attics. You’ll get more heat, at an even temperature, throughout your entire home, while expending less energy overall, and that is never a bad thing.

For people with allergies, there are even more bonuses to this commercial HVAC service. Without the need for ducts and vents pushing warm air into your home, the amount of dust and contaminants coming into your living space is dramatically reduced—so you can breathe easier while also reducing the amount of your annual budget allocated towards purchasing woolly socks.

If you’re tired of cold feet, wasting energy, and dusty air, it may be time for you to install radiant floor heating in your home. And when you wake up every morning this winter excited to feel the warmth on your toes, you’ll never look back.