An Ottawa furnace tune-up seems like a straightforward thing, but there are still some people out there who claim that it isn’t necessary and that they can go without it. In reality, all HVAC systems and equipment need to be maintained properly.

Without preventative maintenance, a furnace can lose its efficiency over time, and is more prone to glitches and need for service.

Heating in Ottawa can be costly, but with annual tune-ups and furnace inspections you can go a good ways towards ensuring proper efficiency and optimal performance. This way your home will be warm throughout the winter.

Here are a few important tips to know about furnace maintenance.

Reduce Your Chances of Furnace Malfunction or Breakdown

home in ottawa canada winterIt doesn’t matter what kind of mechanical systems we are talking about, they all get damaged over time.

That includes your furnace.

When you call the trusted Ottawa furnace professionals to do a tune-up, we will first do a proper furnace inspection to determine whether  your system is in good condition.

If not, we will suggest the repairs that need to be done.

Furthermore, HVAC professionals will be able to help you on the spot, thus helping you prevent major breakdowns that can wind up costing you a lot.

Keep Your Furnace Running Longer with Preventive Maintenance

Heating in Ottawa is no joke.

We have long and cold winters during which our furnaces need to work constantly, reliably, always on demand.

Annual furnace inspections and tune-ups can help ensure that your furnace remains fully operational for a longer duration.

Just think about it – you need to maintain your car regularly so that it can run smoothly. If you ignore the engine or other parts, they could fail, and that could leave you stranded in the least opportune moment.

It’s the same with furnaces. Proper maintenance can make them work more efficiently. All it takes is regular TLC and your furnace can be a true friend for many winters to come.

Improved Energy Efficiency Thanks to Furnace Tune-Ups

woman at home in ottawa canada winterAll HVAC systems go through wear and tear over time, which impacts their overall energy efficiency.

Dirt, dust, build-ups and general wear and tear all contribute to this, so you will eventually get less heat out of your furnace.

Less heat means spending more on energy costs to heat up your home or other space.

If your furnace is in bad condition, you won’t even be able to get the temperature to the desired level, no matter how much you try to keep it running.

Save Money with Furnace Tune-Ups in Ottawa

We talked earlier about reduced energy efficiency. When your furnace isn’t giving the desired output, you will have to spend more on your heating.

No matter if you’re using gas or electric for your HVAC system, you’ll have to burn more of it to get to the desired temperature.

ottawa canada during winterThroughout the long winter, your Ottawa furnace could spend up to 40% more on heat.

With this in mind, it makes sense to set aside money for a tune-up. It’s only a fraction of the price you would have to pay for heating up an efficient furnace.

Invest in Annual Furnace Inspection & Tune-ups

You should tune up your furnace before each winter, but make sure to find the Ottawa furnace professionals who know the ins and outs of these systems and can give you the service and confidence you need.

Feel free to contact Advanced HVAC for all kinds of furnace repairs, diagnostics or tune-ups. We will help make sure that your entire system is working efficiently throughout the winter.