Answers to Common Ottawa HVAC Questions

Yes. The act of equipment turning on and off very frequently is called short cycling, and may lead to severe damage to your system. Call us to resolve the issue.
It may be possible that your thermostat is not functioning correctly. However, your heating or cooling system could be in need of some maintenance or may not be properly sized for your home. We recommend contacting us to have your system examined by a licensed HVAC technician.

It is always important to make sure that your house’s duct work is free and clear of all debris and blockages. Investing in a good duct cleaning service can truly be beneficial in the long term maintenance of your homes heating and cooling system.

Generally speaking, the older your equipment is, the more noise is it likely to make. We recommend calling for an inspection by our licensed HVAC technician if you feel it is too noisy.
Propane and Natural gas are both hydrocarbon fuels, and thus when burned in a safe manner, release carbon dioxide gas into the air. So to reduce your carbon footprint, you need to use less energy. Replacing old mid-efficiency appliances for newer high efficiency models allows for the greatest reduction in energy consumption. Another important factor is to properly insulate and vapour barrier your home. Otherwise, you will simply lose all the heat generated by your new furnace.
Unlike conventional hot water tanks that store heated water until needed, tankless water heaters heat water on demand, as it is being used.

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, invisible gas, without taste or smell. You will never know that you have been exposed. Make sure your home is setup with a carbon monoxide detection system to protect you and the ones you love. As of October 25, 2014, all homes in Ontario require a carbon monoxide detector to be installed.

Do odors linger too long in the house? Having difficulties keeping your allergies under control while in your home? Does it get too stuffy and is the house too hot or too cold? These are some of the signs that you need to address problems with indoor air quality. If so, call us for a consultation.

Yes! Replacing old thermostats with the new programmable variety is the way to go. Not only does the thermostat better control the temperature demands of the house, but you can program a heating or cooling schedule for the home. Nobody in the house while you’re at work? Program your thermostat to lower the temperature while you are gone. You won’t even feel the difference!

A furnace’s efficiency is measured by its “AFUE” – annual fuel utilization efficiency. It’s a term for describing a furnace’s seasonal energy performance. Given the rise in current fuel prices, high-efficiency appliances will lower your costs by using less energy.




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