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Winter Furnace
Tune Up & Maintenance For Only $135!

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Furnace Tune Up & Maintenance

Stay comfortable this winter

Advanced HVAC offers a one-time preventative maintenance and furnace tune up appointment to ensure your furnace is geared up and ready to perform flawlessly this upcoming winter season. For only $135, here are all of the benefits that our certified technical experts will provide:

  • Includes cleaning and tune up
  • Reduce breakdowns when you need it most
  • Prolongs the life of the equipment
  • Safety checks
  • Warranties may require annual maintenance

Don’t let a faulty furnace ruin your holiday season;  schedule your winter maintenance tune up appointment before it’s too late.


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Optimize Your Furnace

Save On Heating Costs With Furnace Maintenance

Having yearly maintenance done on your furnace not only ensure that your furnace will work during the winter months when you need it most, but also save you a lot of money in the long-term. A well maintained furnace operates much more efficiently and uses less electricity, oil or gas to heat your home. This means you will be saving every month on your utility bills. Regular maintenance also prevents untimely breakdowns of your furnace. Fixing a broken furnace will always cost more than preventative maintenance services will so it is always best to avoid this situation with regular furnace maintenance. Finally, furnace maintenance ensures that the life of your furnace will be as long as possible, which will put off the eventual need to replace your furnace which can be a very costly expense if you haven’t planned for it. Keep more money in your wallet by contacting Advanced HVAC for your furnace maintenance needs today!

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Frequently Asked Question

How often should I get a furnace tune-up / routine maintenance check?2020-03-11T13:52:07-04:00

With our harsh Ottawa winters, preventative maintenance is a valuable step in keeping you, your family or your staff & customers warm and comfortable. That’s why we recommend an annual winter furnace tune-up and cleaning. This way you’re protecting your furnace & HVAC investment and you’re getting out ahead of potential issues that could end up surfacing as costly repair jobs down the road. Keep your furnace lasting longer and running better. Stay warm this winter.

Why is preventive maintenance important? What can go wrong with a furnace?2020-03-11T13:51:50-04:00

Furnaces and HVAC systems are our trusted allies in the battle against Ottawa winters! A furnace that’s humming along and running at peak levels helps us stay warm by providing continuous heat on demand. Unfortunately, furnaces are neither flawless nor foolproof. And sometimes they can break at the worst possible times. Issues with the furnace blower or motor can be costly in the case of a breakdown. Instead of waking up to no heat on a bone-chilling February morning where Ottawa temperatures are known to drop to -20C or lower, it’s far preferable to do proactive maintenance at the beginning of the heating season. Our Advanced HVAC techs can come out to your home or business and perform a furnace tune-up and cleaning and will run a 20-point inspection designed to catch potential problems that could arise down the road. By catching these ahead of time, we can advise on a course of action to avoid costly repairs later.

Is a furnace tune-up a good investment? Can it really save me money?2020-03-11T13:51:01-04:00

We like to look at furnace tune-ups as something similar to an insurance policy on your HVAC investment. Yes, it’s true, today’s furnaces and HVAC systems are built solidly. But the reality of any piece of technology, especially one with moving parts that’s subject to high heat and fluctuations in temperature, is that furnaces and HVAC components will eventually fail. Maybe “fail” is a harsh word, but the point is that they have a product lifetime and sooner or later will need to be repaired or replaced. A furnace tune-up means that we’re cleaning and tweaking your furnace with the intent of making it run better and last longer. During the furnace tune-up visit to your home or commercial property, the Advanced HVAC technician will also perform a 20-point inspection. That’s how we’re able to get out ahead of issues with the furnace & HVAC system, saving you money by recommending action now that will defer or prevent costlier repairs or replacement down the road.




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