Summer is in the air and the thought of winter is but a distant memory. But have you considered that summer is the best time of year to update your heating system? When winter weather hits, replacing your furnace or boiler system in the last thing you want to do. Being prepared will ease the stress of chilly temperatures and keep you cozy when it really counts.

Now that you’re ready to upgrade or replace the existing heating system in your home, you need to consider which system is better: furnace or boiler.

A high-efficiency furnace is a great option for your home if you’re considering upgrading your existing one. It circulates heated air in your home through ducts and makes sure every room is heated. They are cost-efficient and are easy to repair. A new system will save you money on repairs, improve the air quality in your home and will save you money with its improved fuel and electrical efficiency.

Unlike water-based heating systems, if there is a leak it is air and not water which can be far more damaging and harder to control. They do not risk freezing under frigid temperatures and they can run on a schedule via the thermostat so you can choose when you want your home warmer or cooler. Furnaces are easy to install and are usually less expensive to install and maintain.

Boilers are one of the oldest methods of heating for people’s homes. They’re often used to heat homes that have radiators throughout, floor heating systems and in condo and multi-residential buildings. A boiler heating system works by heating up the water supply and moving throughout the radiators in the home. The water circulates throughout your home keeping your warm and toasty until it cools down again, returns to the tank and starts the process over again.

One of the greatest benefits of this type of heating system is that it is divided into zones allowing you to heat different parts of your home while controlling the temperature with different thermostats. If you don’t often use your home office during winter months, you don’t have to waste energy by heating it. Since boilers do not circulate air, they are allergy-friendly because they do not move dust around your home unlike an air system.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing heating system or to replace it all together, summer is a great time to prepare for the colder months ahead. There are several benefits to each type of system whether you choose the age old methods of water heating or the more energy efficient and modern furnace, be prepared before you’re left in the cold.