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Ottawa Gas Furnace Conversions

Now is the perfect time to convert from electric or oil heating to a gas furnace. Natural gas offers more comfort, convenience and efficiency.

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Gas Furnace Conversions

Are You Looking to Convert from Oil to a Gas Furnace in Ottawa?

Start saving money using natural gas! While oil to gas conversions may feel like a daunting job, Advanced HVAC works to make it as easy and economical as possible. Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you. At the end of the day, our clients consistently tell us that they love the way their home feels with natural gas–it’s an obvious choice.

Our team of experts will lead you through the whole oil to gas conversion process, whether it’s where the proper location for the meter should be, to collaborating with Enbridge gas on your behalf. We fill out the gas application for you so you don’t have to endure any extra paperwork.

Take Advantage of $5000-$6500 Rebate on Heatpumps



While an electric furnace to gas furnace conversion or an electric baseboard to gas furnace conversion might seem to be a massive job, Advanced HVAC ensures that the conversion and furnace installation is as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

  • Energy efficiency – Using natural gas for heating uses less energy. Switching your stove, dryer and water heater to natural gas also offers significant cost savings.
  • Environmentally friendly – Natural gas is one of the cleanest available fuels. It produces 45 per cent less carbon dioxide than coal, with fewer greenhouse emissions than any other fuel.
  • Affordability – Natural gas costs less than electricity, oil and propane for conventional home heating.
  • Comfort and convenience – The comfort and convenience of natural gas are readily accessible with the flip of a button, and there’s no need to worry about a supply shortage.
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Gas Furnace Conversion Process
Protect the Environment


More and more Canadians choose natural gas every day, with over 6 million using natural gas as their main source of energy to heat, cool, and light their homes and businesses. Join them in not only saving money but in protecting the environment. Natural gas causes fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and most other air pollutants than other sources for the same amour of energy. Installing piping for natural gas lines may seem like a big project, but it will help protect the environment and save you time and money.

Our expert team at Advanced HVAC has done many gas furnace conversions and can answer any questions you may have about any part of the oil to gas furnace change. Trust us to help you lessen your carbon footprint and do your part to save the environment. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote.




Frequently Asked Question

How do I prepare for natural gas line installation?2021-08-30T15:15:22-04:00

Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient installation, and to remove any unnecessary stress from you. We will help you design and submit plans for your gas line and get all the necessary permits for the work. Our connections and experience allow us to go through the permit process faster than people who are not professionals. We will work with you to make sure you know exactly what we will be doing and keep you updated on how we are progressing. Our team has all of the required tools for the job and years of experience installing natural gas lines. Contact our team today to learn more about natural gas line installations and get a free quote!

Why should I hire someone to install my natural gas line?2023-07-21T10:03:42-04:00

You will need to prepare the line for installation and make sure that everything is connected properly. Professionals are trained in how to properly connect and install the line. You will also need to know what to do if things go wrong. Often accidents can happen, things can break, or maybe your line is different than what the internet is showing you. Professionals have years of experience with these installations and know exactly what to do. You will also need expensive tools that you will likely never use again and materials to complete the installation. Professionals will have all of the required tools needed, as well as the means to get materials for a discounted price.

I have an oil furnace. Why should I switch to gas?2020-03-11T13:54:35-04:00

The advantages of a gas furnace are plentiful. You will save money over time by switching to a gas furnace today. Gas furnaces are more energy-efficient than an oil furnace. Natural gas costs less than oil as a fuel source, so that’s another budget-friendly reason. Gas furnaces are also far more environmentally friendly, as natural gas emits significantly less carbon dioxide than oil – better for the air that we’re all breathing! Gas furnaces provide comfort and convenience as well. Just flip a switch (or have your smart thermostat run the program) and have a constant flow of heat with no worry about the supply running low or going out.

But there are up-front costs. That’s a reality, right?2020-03-11T13:54:14-04:00

Yes, we always want to be transparent with our products and services. You can stay with your current oil-burning furnace and incur only the normal maintenance costs expected over time. However, the major disadvantage of an oil furnace is the cost you pay from month to month. By converting to a gas furnace, although you will have the one-time expense of new HVAC equipment, your monthly heating costs will go down and over time you will enjoy substantial savings. If cash flow is an issue, there is furnace & HVAC equipment available on financing plans. Talk to Advanced HVAC in Ottawa today about switching to a gas furnace to save money.

What are some other advantages of converting to a gas furnace?2020-03-11T13:53:40-04:00

Once you have a gas hook-up in your home, you can convert other appliances as well. You’d now have the option for a gas oven, stove, washer, dryer, fireplace, etc. These could help you save even more money over time. Gas is also more convenient than oil. The gas line comes straight from the gas utility and offers a steady, constant, reliable fuel source – no deliveries, no mess, no hassle. There are also tax credits and financial incentives (public and private) at times available for gas furnace conversions or gas utility conversions. Talk with Advanced HVAC today about booking an appointment and setting up your home for a gas furnace conversion.




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