Ottawa HVAC Specialists on Safe Ownership of a Gas-Heated Boiler

Ownership of gas-powered heating systems isn’t a luxury—it’s a responsibility. This is especially true if you own a boiler. According to Ottawa HVAC experts, these heaters are still used in many homes across the country, and with proper maintenance, they can last for decades, continuing to provide heat and warmth year after year. At one point in history, these were a major cause of injuries and property destruction, owing to a poor understanding of engineering and lax safety regulations. Today, their safe operation is dependent on both superior construction and vigilant observance of basic safety principle. So whether you already own one or you’re thinking of installing one, there are safety considerations to keep on top of.


Proper safety begins the moment you decide to install a boiler in your home. Prior to installation, you must first register with the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority). A Design Registration application must be completed and submitted and approved. Additionally, once installed the unit must be inspected by a TSSA-certified contractor or technician (most reputable Ottawa HVAC retailers employ such technicians) before it can be put into operation. This inspection will be to ensure that the unit’s installation meets building codes and safety regulations, ensuring that the unit will operate both efficiently and safely.

Annual Inspections

To ensure that you continue safe operation of your heating unit, have it inspected every year. This is not simply useful advice, but actually required by law—the Technical Standards and Safety Act requires that all appliances using gas valves must be inspected manually. Like with the installation inspection, this inspection must be completed by a TSSA-certified technician. When it’s time for your annual boiler inspection, you can rely on your HVAC retailer to help you complete this inspection and sign you off for another year of safe usage.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

You’ve likely heard of carbon monoxide and its effects—it’s an odourless, flavourless gas that can be incredibly harmful and, in great enough amounts, fatal. If you own a natural gas appliance, carbon monoxide is being produced as a by-product of the gas combustion chamber. Under ideal conditions, this by-product will be safely vented away from your home and your family. However, if something goes wrong, carbon monoxide can leak into your home’s living spaces. The best defense is to install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor, and to check regularly that their batteries have power and that the detectors are functioning.

By following these basic safety guidelines, responsible and safe boiler ownership should be a breeze. Remember, above all else, that if your unit should malfunction or develop problems, that it is always recommended that you have a certified technician service it instead of attempting to repair it yourself. Your local Ottawa HVAC experts are always happy to help!