Wondering how you can take advantage of the Home Energy Conservation Program? The Ontario government initiated this program with an aim to influence homeowners to be more mindful about energy consumption to help reduce environmental impacts while saving money. If you qualify, you can enjoy up to $1,600 of incentives!

Here are some ways that you can get on board with the Home Energy Conservation Rebate Program this year.


What Do I Need to Qualify?

In order to qualify, here are the criteria that must be met.

  • Natural gas, oil, a propane boiler, furnace or wooden stove must be the source of your heat at home.
  • A current tax bill for the property must be provided.
  • A Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) provided by Enbridge Gas must conduct the audit. Enbridge Gas Distribution delivers this incentive program, therefore the audit must be carried out by their approved auditors.
  • The pre- and post-energy audits from CEA must be completed by December 31, 2017.
  • A minimum of 15% in annual fuel savings must have been achieved through home upgrades.


Which Home Upgrades Qualify?

There are certain home upgrades that count for qualifying criteria that show initiative in reducing energy consumption at home. However, only TWO must have been completed. Here is a list of the home upgrade selection:

  • Upgrade attic insulation
  • Upgrade basement wall insulation
  • Upgrade exposed floor insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Install replacement windows
  • Install high-efficiency space heating systems (such as natural gas or oil)
  • Install high-efficiency water heating system (such as natural gas or oil)
  • Install drain water
  • Heat recovery system
  • Install air source heat pump (oil, propane or wood heating only)


How Are the Incentive Rates Earned?

Under the correct criteria, you can earn a maximum of $1,600 in total. However, this amount will differ depending on your particular consumption and savings. Here’s an example of how the amount is determined.

If you achieve 15% or more in fuel savings (natural gas, oil, propane or wood), you will be eligible for the incentive. You’ll receive an instant rebate of $150, which will be applied to the first audit and $350 for the remainder of the audit cost, totalling $500 (excluding HST) to cover the full energy audit costs. You’ll then receive $1,100 towards the cost of your home energy upgrades after your second energy audit proves that you achieved a minimum of 15% in energy savings.


There are so many reasons to start reducing your energy consumption at home. To find out more about the Energy Rebate program, check out the Home Energy Conservation website here: https://enbridgesmartsavings.com/home-energy-conservation/incentives or contact us at Advanced HVAC to learn about getting on board with energy consumptions and ways that you can take advantage of these rebates.