When the topic of “air quality” comes up, many people focus on outdoor air.

Not that it’s wrong, of course. Air pollution levels around the world are rising and causing great concern.

But what about indoor air quality?

Pollutants, harmful chemicals, aerosols and other materials & toxins can easily enter your home and impact the air quality within. Considering that even before the pandemic, Canadians spent upwards of 90% of their time indoors, it’s important to prioritize indoor air quality.

Many things can impact indoor air – smoking, cooking, burning candles and incense, turning on your HVAC systems, and more. Did you know that the ever-changing Ottawa seasons can also affect indoor air quality?

Let’s look at how seasons affect your home’s air quality and why you should consider indoor air testing in Ottawa.

Indoor Air Quality in Fall and Winter

family breathing indoor air at homeAs a general rule, indoor air quality is at its worst during the colder months when the heating season starts.

While the quality and condition of your furnace or heat source (as well as general moisture levels) certainly impact indoor air, the main problem is lack of ventilation.

Most people keep their doors and windows closed during the colder months to keep the heat inside. But in the process, they’re trapping in all the aerosols and pollutants produced throughout the day in the home.

That’s why you’ll want to make sure that you have proper ventilation and that you let fresh air come into your home during fall and winter when possible, even for a little while.

Indoor Air Quality in Spring and Summer

Typically, the biggest problem during spring and summer is pollen.

HVAC technician testing air qualityPeople with seasonal allergies typically try to reduce the amount of pollen that enters their home by closing the windows and turning on their air conditioning.

This creates the same problems as trying to keep the heat in during the winter. Your home becomes saturated with particles that impact the indoor air quality and could even exacerbate your allergies.

Of course, there’s also the issue of leaving your windows open and letting polluted outside air enter your home.

Ottawa generally has acceptable outdoor air quality, but air quality can drop significantly in spring when there’s an increase in agricultural activities. It also depends on where in the city, suburbs or country you happen to live.

Periodic Air Quality Testing in Ottawa Can Give You a Better Picture

If you want to ensure that the indoor air quality inside your home is on point, it is best to perform air quality testing in Ottawa or nearby areas.

Indoor air quality testing will determine whether there are any pollutants in your home to be concerned about. It can also help you devise the best plan for improving air quality.

HVAC technician testing air qualityAt Advanced HVAC, we provide detailed air quality testing in Ottawa that detects:

  • Mould
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Chemical pollutants
  • Combustion pollutants, and more

We’ll help you eliminate harmful pollutants and ensure that your indoor air remains of the highest quality regardless of the season.

Get the Best Indoor Air Quality Testing in Ottawa

Keeping an eye on your indoor air quality can help you maintain the inhabitants’ overall well-being.

Poor air can cause problems such as headaches, allergies, eye irritations, respiratory issues, and more.

Keep your indoor air clean, and detect and eliminate pollutants with Advanced HVAC, an experienced provider of air quality testing in Ottawa.

Contact us today to find out more and to book your next appointment.