A new high-efficiency HVAC system can be a significant investment, and an important one too. It’s important to know how to keep that warranty valid in case any problems do occur over the life of your furnace, heat pump, or A/C system. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind to ensure that your HVAC warranty remains protected and covered under your warranty.


Read the Warranty Thoroughly

Many homeowners often fail to read through the rules and stipulations that are included under the warranty that they pay for. Always take the time to read the conditions of your warranty so you can thoroughly understand any requirements. If you have any questions, ask your HVAC representative for guidance.


Make Sure the Warranty is Registered

Depending on your manufacturer, you might need to actually go through a registration process in order to activate your warranty. Some homeowners can forget or simply be unaware of this. Verify whether this is a requirement as there may be a time limit from the date of purchase.


Have it Installed by a Certified Technician

Attempting to take on the installation of your HVAC system on your own is never recommended. Not only can this lead to costly errors, but it can also potentially void your warranty. Always ensure that you have a certified trained professional to install your new system.


Perform Annual Maintenance

It’s important to have maintenance performed on your HVAC equipment at least once a year. Many warranties also require this as a stipulation. By having a technician clean and fine tune your system regularly, it shows that if anything were to go wrong with it, you were at least taking the necessary steps to avoid malfunctions and keep to running properly.


Only Use Replacement Parts from your Manufacturer

If you ever do take it upon yourself to repair or replace a part of the system, it’s important to always stick to the same products and materials from the manufacturer that you purchased the entire system from. Warranties often won’t cover any errors or problems when products from another company have been used.


Keep Updated Records

Always keep your proof of purchase, installation, and maintenance filed away and easy to find. These are important to have on hand when placing a claim for coverage. The manufacturer will need to see these records before approving your claim.

To ensure the warranty on your HVAC equipment remains valid, you must always follow necessary instructions, and thoroughly read through the rules and stipulations to avoid any situations that may end up voiding your warranty.

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