When Your Pipes Keep Banging, Call an HVAC Technician in Ottawa—Your Boiler Needs Help

You’re trying to sleep one night, perhaps in the fall or winter when it’s starting to get chilly out and you need to turn the heat on. Suddenly, there comes a sound—maybe it’s a banging in the walls. Or maybe it sounds like someone is hammering metal in your basement, but you know you’re home alone. The sound won’t stop, and you’re not sure where it’s coming from. Who you gonna call?

It turns out, this is not the beginning to a ghost story—nor is your home being invaded. The problem is your boiler, and depending on how old it is, it could be for a few different reasons. As for who to call, well that’s simple: A certified Ottawa HVAC specialist! Before we go any further, you should know that attempting to fix these systems yourself without the proper training, equipment, and experience can quickly become quite dangerous. Now is not the time to be inspired towards a new DIY project!

A Hint of Lime

Mineral deposits are one of the most likely causes for strange sounds coming from your heating pipes. “Hard water,” which is water that is rich in minerals, can leave a residue on pipes or the inner walls of the tank over time. Limescale is a solid, chalk-like deposit that can build up over time and exposure to too much hard water. And it might be what’s causing your problems. See, ironically contrasting against its name, a typical boiler doesn’t actually boil water—instead, it heats it to a temperature just below its boiling point, commonly around 82°C. But the scale has rough surfaces which help create hot spots, causing the water to boil in places. These air pockets then rise and collapse, creating a loud banging noise. A qualified specialist in HVAC in Ottawa will have to shut down your whole system, treat the tank with a chemical descaler for several days, and then flush out the system to start fresh.

Pipe Issues

Limescale can also create blockages in your pipes—though it’s not the only issue. Sagging pipes, frozen sections along the line, water in steam pipes or steam or air getting into the water pipes—all of these can cause problems, including the characteristic sound of banging inside your walls that has been keeping you up at night. This is a good time to call either a plumber or an HVAC technician.

Other Possibilities

If your boiler tank has a burner that is too large and powerful for the capacity of the tank, that can create a similar effect to that of limescale—bursting air pockets creating a chaotic clanging. Kettling can also be caused by an insufficient circulation pump, a faulty thermostat, contaminants, design flaws, and more. If you can’t determine why your system is making such a racket, call your local HVAC Ottawa services to come and take a look—they have the expertise to diagnose and repair your boiler, or to suggest alternatives if necessary.