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Hydronic Heating Systems in Ottawa

Hydronic heating systems use hot water combined with a heat exchanger to transfer warmth inside homes & commercial spaces. We are the #1 choice for hydronic heating in the Ottawa area.

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Hydronic Heat Systems

What is Hydronic Heating?

Although most conventional homes use a forced air heating system, hydronic heating systems might prove to be a better alternative.

Forced air heating uses air to transfer heat throughout the home from the furnace. Hydronic systems circulate water via piping as a heat-transfer method instead of air. Baseboard heaters and radiators throughout the house extract the heat from the water and radiate it to the surrounding air.



There are some distinct advantages to choosing a hydronic heating system. Some of those benefits include:

  • Very Quiet – Hydronic heating works without a lot of noise – only the water heater or boiler working.
  • Lower Energy Consumption – Hydronic heating systems feel warmer at lower settings.
  • Efficient – Hydronic heating takes less energy to circulate water than it takes to blow hot air.
  • Less Allergens – No blowing air means that dust and germs don’t circulate as easily.
  • Easy Installation – No ductwork or vents makes installation easy for new constructions.

It is important to note that although hydronic heating systems are an ideal option for certain situations, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Make sure to consult with our team of professionals to find out if hydronic systems make sense for your particular home.

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In the hydronic heating systems vs. forced air debate, both have their benefits and drawbacks. Radiant heating is the more efficient system but more costly for installation, while forced air is cheaper to install but is not as energy-efficient. Hydronic heating systems are the most ideal for new builds because the floors have not been installed yet nor will there be a need to install ductwork.

If you’re unsure about what type of heating systems your home would benefit more from, contact our team of heating and cooling experts. We can provide you with a thorough assessment and a free quote for the heating systems of your home or commercial space. If you have an existing forced air heating system that needs updating, repairs, or installation, we can help with that as well!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace my floor to install radiant floor heating?2020-10-23T18:48:50-04:00

Yes, you will have to replace your floor to install radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating systems are installed underneath the flooring, so the best time to install a radiant floor heating system is when you’re already remodeling a room or updating your flooring. If remodeling your home or redoing your flooring is in on the horizon, consider radiant floor heating.

Can the tubing from radiant floor heating leak?2020-10-23T18:47:13-04:00

If the system is properly installed by trusted HVAC professionals, the tubing system will not leak. The tubing has a life expectancy of more than 100 years, and the tubing is thoroughly inspected before it leaves the manufacturing plant. Get your radiant floor heating installed by experienced professionals and contact Advanced HVAC today.

Can carpet be installed over radiant floor heating?2023-08-28T14:15:07-04:00

Yes, carpet can be installed over radiant floor heating however the transfer rate of heat into the living space will decrease. In order to offset this lag time, we suggest increasing the number of heat transfer plates. Generally speaking, radiant floor heating is installed with tile or hardwood flooring. Generally speaking, radiant floor heating is installed with tile or hardwood flooring. If you are interested in radiant floor heating for your home, contact us today.

Can radiant floor heating get too hot?2020-10-23T18:45:10-04:00

Radiant floor heating systems will not get too warm. They are specifically designed to remain warm and comfortable to walk on, especially in bare feet. Radiant floor heating is a great choice for Ottawa homes as they keep the floor warm in the cold winter months. If you are interested in getting radiant floor heating in your home, contact us today. We offer no-obligation consultations.

How does radiant floor heating work?2023-08-28T14:16:21-04:00

Radiant floor heating works by circulating heated warm water through specifically designed tubing installed within your floor. This radiates heat efficiently and evenly throughout your floor, warming people and objects in the room. Radiant floor heating keeps your room and feet warm, even on the coldest days of the year.




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