If you’ve never heard of radiant floor heating, or aren’t convinced of its usefulness, then consider the following. Waking up on a cold winter morning and stepping out onto the floor beside your bed. Getting out of a hot shower on a chilly day. Stepping from carpet to wood or tile when you’re not wearing slippers. What do these all have in common?

Have you figured it out yet?

If you guessed the dreaded sensation of cold, cold feet, then you’re absolutely right! Heat conductive surfaces like wood or ceramic can steal all of the heat from your feet as you walk on them, leaving you feeling cold and uncomfortable. But what if there was some way to make those same heat-conducting properties to work for you, and not against you?

Radiant floor heating might just be the perfect solution for you. As a steadily growing commercial HVAC service, it works by installing tubes under your wood or tile floor. These tubes can be heated either electrically, or by pumping heated water through them. The result? Your floor becomes an efficient heating system that will not only keep your toes nice and toasty, but will actually keep your whole house at an optimal temperature while costing less than forced air heating.

As every commercial HVAC specialist remembers from science class, warm air rises. With a forced air system, warm air is blown through a vent on the floor or the wall and heads straight up – this means that even with the heat on, your body may be neglected, especially if lying down or sitting.

With radiant floor heating though, the heat starts at your feet – often the coldest part of all – and slowly works its way up, keeping you warm from toes to head. The result? You get a consistently warm home without having to crank the heating to tropical temperatures, letting you get comfortable and save money.

For people with seasonal allergies, there’s another bonus of this commercial HVAC service. Unlike a forced air system, which brings in air from outside your home and heats it before circulating it inside, radiant floor heating works with what is already in your home. Less outside air means fewer allergens contaminating the airflow of your home, so you can breathe more easily.

So imagine this: getting out of bed on a cold winter morning and feeling a burst of warm comfort. Stepping out of your hot shower on a chilly morning and losing none of your heat. Finally getting rid of those embarrassing bunny slippers. Imagine having all of this, and energy efficiency too! You’ll wonder why you never considered radiant floor heating before now. Contact your commercial HVAC service provider today to get a quote.