Know What to Look for in Your New Bryant Furnace

Searching for a new furnace can be very stressful, especially if you need to replace an old, broken-down furnace but you don’t have a lot of time to shop around. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cheat sheet? Here are five things Ottawa HVAC specialists suggest you start with when you’re looking for a new furnace:


If you’re selecting a new Bryant furnace, size is very important. Make sure the furnace you purchase is large enough to heat your home. When a contractor comes to give you a quote they will perform a load test to tell you what size is best for your home. If the furnace is too small or too large, you won’t be able to heat your home properly and efficiently.

Power Source

There are three main types of power available for furnaces. Gas furnaces use natural gas from city lines and are the most common Ottawa HVAC systems. Oil or propane systems are a powerful source of heat, but they require more space and are mainly used in older homes and in areas without gas lines. Electric furnaces offer an alternative to gas but tend to be more expensive to run in the winter. If you’re replacing an old or broken furnace it can be more cost-effective to stay with the same type of power source so you can avoid making major adjustments to your home.

Air Filter

Most Ottawa HVAC systems use an electrostatic filter. This filter uses a small electrical charge to trap particles like dust, pollen, and even pet hair. This filter is an important part of any Bryant furnace system, allowing family members and guests to feel more comfortable all year round. You should make sure the air filter is in an easy-to-reach location so it can be changed two-to-four times a year, depending on sensitivities and how quickly it fills up.


All new systems come with a warranty to protect your purchase. Before you decide on a new furnace, make sure you review the policy for the units you’re interested in. For example, Bryant furnaces have a 10-year warranty on limited parts and labor warranties available to protect your investment. Since warranties can vary, research online or ask an Ottawa HVAC company for help.


This is one area you don’t want to compromise on. Connecting a furnace deals with gas, electrical, ducts, and lifting heavy objects it is not a task you should do yourself if you don’t have the proper tools and training. By hiring a registered Ottawa HVAC specialist you will be protecting your investment and your home.

Shopping for a new furnace can be stressful, but by working with trained professionals you will have your new system up and running as quickly as possible so you can simply relax and enjoy your home.