Hair of the dog is something we all dread – pet owner or not – whether you’re talking about one too many the night before, or that shedding hair you have to endure from your furry loved one. The hair from your dog or cat can really impact the ability of your HVAC system to run properly and efficiently. Plus, all of that dander and hair can hinder the quality of your indoor air, creating a breeding ground for allergies and irritation.

If you own a pet, performing regular HVAC maintenance is imperative to prevent pet dander from accumulating inside of your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system. Learn how to ensure your air distribution system is working optimally by following these tips for HVAC maintenance.

Minimize Shedding As Best You Can

For pet owners, there’s no doubt that your furry loved ones fill your home with unconditional love and affection. But, unfortunately, they also tend to fill our homes with so much hair and dander. One of the more effective ways to really avoid a build up of hair in your HVAC system is by minimizing shedding as best you can. That means keeping your pet clean and brushed on a regular basis. And when you do brush them, make sure you do it outside.

Vacuum Regularly

Of course, vacuuming is essential when you’ve got pets. Staying on top of regular, frequent vacuuming will help reduce the amount of hair that lingers along the floor and throughout your home that can easily get carried into the ventilation system. Purchasing an easy-to-use vacuum that you can easily whip out in a moment is helpful for performing this on a regular basis as opposed to a big, clunky one that takes much more effort and energy to use.

Change the Air Filter Frequently in the HVAC System

For pet owners, it’s necessary to be much more prudent with your air filter. It’s recommended to check your air filter at least once a month to monitor the condition of it and whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you leave your filter without checking it for several months, all of that pet dander could force it to work much harder to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, which equates to higher utility bills and an overtaxed HVAC system.

Barricade Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit may need some attention as well. When your pet runs around in your backyard, it’s important that they don’t have access near your condenser unit. Aside from it being dangerous if they chew on the coils, they can urinate on it and cause damage to the entire system over time. So make sure that your pet can’t go near your unit outdoors.

For more tips and information about how to maintain your HVAC system for pet owners, our technicians at Advanced HVAC can help you with all of your questions and service-related needs.