From Standard to Ductless Air Conditioners, Know What to Look for When Troubleshooting

What makes a high-quality HVAC installation? It turns out, it takes a lot more than just a powerful air conditioning unit. The right unit for the right home, the quality of the duct work (if applicable – but we’ll get to that later), and a proper installation are all pieces of the bigger picture: that the defining feature of a quality HVAC installation is functionality. If your AC unit isn’t doing its job, or if it is operating significantly below its advertised energy efficiency, then you might want to double check the installation job, or consult a certified HVAC contractor immediately. Here’s what to look for:

Checking the Size

Conventional wisdom often takes the stance that bigger is better, but when it comes to air conditioning, this couldn’t be further off the mark. The truth is, you don’t want to just go bigger: you want to pick the unit that has the right size and power for your home. A unit too big can pump too much cool air into your home, making it uncomfortable to live in. And constantly switching the unit on and off can also significantly shorten its lifespan too. If you find yourself constantly struggling to adjust your AC unit or ductless air conditioner for comfort or even cooling, there’s a good chance that it’s not the right size for your home.

Checking Your Ducts

If your AC isn’t operating at full efficiency, or the cool air just isn’t reaching certain spaces, then bad news: you’ve got a problem in your ducts. If that’s the case, it’s best to contact a certified professional immediately that knows how to recognize weak points in the duct system. A professional can pinpoint the locations of leaks, blockages, and design flaws that are hindering proper airflow, and knows how to correct each. They can also help you identify if spaces like attics an, basements, and garages are properly insulated – a common problem that leads to a loss of efficiency in the spaces.

If you’re using a ductless air conditioner, and are still running into these problems, then you may have to inspect the unit itself. Refrigerant leaks, improper charging, and even mistakes in the operation on the part of the user are all common issues with ductless air conditioners.

Checking the Installation

A poorly or improperly-installed air conditioning system can lose up to two thirds of its promised operating efficiency. This means a bigger drag on your energy bills to get the same results. Ensuring that your AC is properly secured to your duct system (unless you’re using a ductless system), and is installed with the correct level of refrigerant, will make a world of difference in your home. The latter will also help you control humidity. If you have ensured that your system is up to snuff with the first two sections and are still having problems, contact a certified contractor to check that it’s installed properly and to correct it if necessary.