How Ottawa HVAC Companies Keep You Cozy All Year Round

More and more new homeowners (whether they choose to build their own home or purchase an older home) enquire about how Ottawa HVAC experts can assist in turning their visions for their new dwelling into a reality.

While many of us have heard of how radiant heated floors can make everyone in a home comfortable during the cold months, did you know some of the advantages of installing this heating mechanism can be felt year round?

Curious to know more about what advantages radiant floor heating can bring into your home? Read on!

Keep the Dust Mites Away

Many people with allergies will ask an Ottawa HVAC expert to install radiant floor heating in order to eliminate the need for air ducts from any room design. Since air ducts are notorious for storing dust throughout the house, many who suffer from allergies have felt a sense of relief as soon as their new radiant floor was installed!

More Control over Your Home’s Energy Expenses

Many Ottawa HVAC companies will tell you that a home which is equipped with a radiant heated floor is surprisingly energy efficient. How so?

Simply put, materials used in the fabrication of this heating mechanism retain heat exceptionally well. For this reason, once you have reached the desired level of heat and comfort for your floor, it is possible to turn off the heat entirely, yet your floor will still remain warm for a long period of time.
This will eliminate the need to activate other heaters for extended periods of times.

Improved Functionality in Room Design

How many times have you had to place a piece of furniture somewhere other than your preferred spot, simply because it would be blocking an air duct or an electric heater? This happened to me countless of times and caused many headaches, especially when I would worry if some of my wood furniture was too close to the source of heat.

Radiant floor heating eliminates the need for ducts or heaters, so you can plan your room design whichever way you want. Indeed, Ottawa HVAC companies know that there is more to a dream home than just cozy feet when it comes to radiant floor heating in your life!

Of all the personal touches you can give to your space, none quite match the year-round comfort factor of a radiant heated floor.

So whether you or someone in your family has allergies, or you simply want more control over your energy consumption or room design, why not look into getting your own radiant heated floor today?