The Many Benefits of Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning Comfort for You & Your Family

How A/C Makes Ottawa Summers Even Better

The human body does a decent job of regulating our heating and cooling. With Ottawa summers becoming hotter and more humid over time, however, air conditioning gives us an added means of staying cool and comfortable during those summer months. Despite the soaring temperatures and buildup of humidity outside, an air conditioning system will keep your home’s indoor temps stable. With A/C you’ll sweat less (or not at all!) and not have to feel that uncomfortable humidity in your home.

Ottawa air conditioning systems bring three primary benefits:

  • Keeps your body temperature stable
  • Reduces excessive sweating
  • Keeps the moisture away

Read on to find out more about how a new air conditioning system in your home will let you and your family get more comfort and enjoyment out of those Ottawa summers.

Cooling Down Your Body & Mind

The Health Advantages of Air Conditioning

In earlier years, air conditioners in Ottawa were seen as a luxury. Many older homes were not built with air conditioning systems. While most newer homes have A/C, not all systems are created equally. And with Ottawa experiencing hotter summers – complete with more humidity and more uncomfortable days – the comfort of a home air conditioner in Ottawa is more and more seen as a necessity. But did you know that air conditioning also brings benefits for your health?

Specifically, there are three notable benefits to having air conditioning in Ottawa. Having A/C means you and your family are subject to fewer swings, surges and spikes in temperature, translating to an optimum comfort range as well as helping to avoid getting sick. A central air conditioning system also means you’ll be sweating less at home, maybe not all, even as you move from room to room. This lets you perform tasks better (whether you’re working from home or working around the house) and also means less risk of dehydration, overheating or exhaustion.

Finally, air conditioners help keep moisture out of the house, No amount of fans or open windows can combat high humidity levels that come in from the outside. Closing the windows and switching on the air conditioner, however, gets rid of the moisture in your home. That’s not only good for you and your family’s health & comfort, it’s good for the home itself, keeping your woodwork, walls, floors and possessions in better condition.

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You Deserve a New Air Conditioner

A/C Provides a Superior Home Experience

The complaints surrounding Ottawa summers are not only directed at the heat, which is on the rise these days, but at that sticky, seemingly at-times unbearable humidity as well. Most days (and nights) our summers contain high levels of moisture in the air, measured as “relative humidity.” If you hear about a “humidex” or “feels like” temperature, that’s the result of combining high temperatures with an added level of humidity. In recent years we’ve seen many a summer’s day with humidex figures at 35, 40 or even higher. At that point, no fan or window air conditioner can get the job done. For home comfort that the whole family can enjoy, you need an efficient; and well-built air conditioning system.

  • Air conditioning combats humidity by reducing moisture levels
  • Stay comfortable at home no matter how hot & humid it is outside
  • Enjoy health & comfort benefits of Ottawa air conditioning systems

This doesn’t mean that you have to run air conditioning 24/7 through the summer. On the contrary, it’s nice when possible to shut off the A/C, open the windows and feel a cooling breeze, such as at night time or in the early morning hours. This helps the home get some fresh air circulating through, as well as giving your air conditioner (and your hydro bill) a rest.

When those temps soar and the humidity levels go back up, however, you’ll have your trusty, reliable home air conditioner in Ottawa to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. Comfort on demand!

Are you ready for a new or upgraded air conditioner in Ottawa or nearby areas? Or is it time for the annual tune-up and inspection of your existing air conditioning system? Contact Advanced HVAC today. We’re the trusted leader when it comes to Ottawa air conditioning, providing A/C sales, installation and service to the community so that everyone can enjoy the cool home comfort you deserve!

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