Does your family schedule who gets the hot water in your home, each and every day? Do you take a cold shower every morning so your children can take all the hot water your boiler is capable of providing for their needs? If this causes stress to you and your family, tankless water system technicians are likely to advise you to get rid of your traditional hot water boiler, and invest in a tankless water heater instead.

Which begs the question… what are the main reasons you should say goodbye to your traditional hot water boiler?

Finally use multiple sources of hot water … all at once!

If your family is always on the go, there is no reason why you can’t tackle a load of laundry with hot water while one of your children helps out with the dishes, rinsing plates and glasses with more hot water, in the meantime. With traditional hot water boilers, this would be impossible!

Having a tankless water system in your house makes deciding who gets the hot water from the boiler in the home —and for how long— a thing of the past!

Tankless water heaters save energy

Unlike regular boilers, tankless water heaters provide your home with the hot water you need on demand: by functioning as such, there is no boiler tank required to keep the water heated for hours, even when none is being used.

This fact alone can help you save considerable amounts on your home’s energy bill. Furthermore, did you know many brands of tankless water systems also meet the coveted Energy Star qualifications?

Easy installation and maintenance

While traditional water boilers must be installed in precise locations in a home, it is much easier to install a tankless water heater: because of its size, it can even fit in your attic! Yes, even your smallest ‘tiny-house’ can easily accommodate one— unlike regular boilers today!

Finally, the best tankless water heaters on the market offer easy maintenance for their owners. Some companies have units that are entirely comprised of replaceable parts, so you never have to replace the entire unit.

If you are ready to save money while also preserving the harmony in your home, counting on a tankless water system will do the trick! When in doubt, you can always contact your boiler provider and ask them whether such a system would be good for you, your home…and your energy bill as well!