Deciding which home air conditioning system to invest in can be a hassle, particularly if you aren’t keyed up on your refrigerant science and HVAC terminology.

Luckily however, at Advanced HVAC our aim is to make the process of choosing and installing tailored air conditioning systems as smooth as possible, making sure our clients are aware of their choices and how different units can fulfill their needs.

Read below for details on the main types of air conditioning system on the market, along with information on where they perform best and the average prices you’ll find.

Central air conditioning systems

This is the system you’ll find in bigger builds, offices, movie theaters etc. but can also be a great investment for domestic use, especially if your house in on the hefty side. If you’re looking for air conditioning in every room, this is the more efficient option, as you wont be needing individual units in each room, and is likely to work out cheaper.

Ongoing maintenance of this type of system is a must and, depending on the size of the unit, may not provide adequate dehumidification.

Estimated central air conditioner prices:

CND$2,000 to $10,000* (including installation)

Split-system / ductless air conditioning systems

If fitting ventilation ducts in your home isn’t an option, but you still like the sound of a central home air conditioning system, an alternative option is ductless air conditioning, otherwise known as a ‘split-system’, and is a great option for homes which don’t have the capacity for vent and duct work.

Here you’ve got a two-unit system comprised of an outdoor compressor (which is fitted outside) and an air outlet (hung inside) connected by piping. You can also get multiple indoor air outlets, which is sometimes called a ‘multi-split’ system.

The main advantage with these types of air conditioning systems is the easy installation, as they don’t require ductwork. Ductless air conditioning can get expensive however, particularly if being used to cool an entire house, costing roughly 30% more than a ducted system. That being said, as energy can’t be lost through ductwork, they tend to be more energy efficient.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose HVAC system which can both cool and heat your home, opt for a ‘reverse cycle split system’ air conditioner. These fellas are hugely popular, very quiet, can be used all-year round and are both cheap and effective to run.

Estimated ductless air conditioner prices:

CND$2,000 to $7000 (including installation)

Extra features to consider:

Modern air conditioning systems now also offer a lot more than they once did, providing solutions to not only your room temperature but also bug control, humidity and remote use. Here are some of the most popular add-ons:

• Dehumidifier
• Timer
• Remote control operation
• Reverse cycle (for heating and cooling)
• Mosquito repellant/trap
• Air filter (filtering smoke, odors and germs)

*The estimated home air conditioning unit prices listed here are representative of price ranges commonly seen in the US and include the cost of hiring a professional to fit your unit. If you live in the Ottawa area and would like a proximate estimate or more advice about the different types of air conditioning, contact Advanced HVAC today for a professional quote and assessment of your home.

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